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Your unique experiences pursuing higher education provide a perspective that can move mountains.

Take Action for Kids

Your unique experiences pursuing higher education provide a perspective that can move mountains.

Take action, share your story.


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The Struggle for High-Quality Care

With infant care costing over $1,000 a month, child care can be a family’s biggest expense. Yet child care providers often live in poverty. Why?

Child care is very labor-intensive. Wages stay low because families can’t pay more. The gap between what it costs to provide high-quality care and what families can afford is worsened by low child care subsidies. Learn what Child Care Aware of Washington is focusing on right now to sustain and strengthen our child care system – English, Spanish.

In Washington state, subsidies cover only about a third of the cost of a high-quality program. Learn more about how low state reimbursement rates affect child care.


Learn why high-quality child care matters with this video.


Advocacy Resources

Writing to Legislators

Step-by-Step Guide

Finding Contact Information

Writing Effective Letters

Want to reach out to your legislators but don’t know where to start? Our 3-step guide shows you how!

English // Spanish // Somali

The Washington Legislature has a handy tool for finding the contact information of your representatives.

  1. Enter your address
  2. Look for your district number
  3. Click on the name of your legislators
  4. Their phone number, email, and mailing address should appear

District Finder Tool

Your unique story as a scholar provides a frame that legislators do not always hear! Read our suggestions on writing short-but-effective messages to lawmakers.

English // Spanish // Somali

Additional Information

Expanding Assistance for Working Families

Providing Financial Support to Child Care Providers

Protecting Existing Investments

The Importance of ECE Scholarships

Facts and figures about the impact that expanding assistance for working parents will have on Washington’s children and economy.

English // Spanish // Somali

If child care is so expensive, then why do providers need financial relief? It’s a complicated topic, so learn more about why financial support for early learning is not only necessary, but also benefits all of us across the state.

English // Spanish // Somali

One of our biggest legislative priorities is ensuring that Washington expands assistance for early learning, not reduce it. Before speaking to legislators, read more about why protecting critical investments is essential.

English // Spanish // Somali

Facts and figures to help you communicate to law makers about the statewide impact made by Early Childhood Education scholarships.

English // Spanish // Somali


State Legislative Session

The 2023 Legislative Session begins on January 9th, 2023.We will have updates soon regarding our advocacy priorities and how you can be an active advocate for early learning in the coming year.

2022 Legislative Priorities

Reduce barriers to workforce recruitment

Fund child care mental health consultation support

Expand facilitated play & learn groups for Family Friend & Neighbor caregivers

  • Decrease the time it takes to complete the state child care background check process
  • Fund data collection on transitional kindergarten
  • Provide additional care for families traumatized by the pandemic
  • Expand supports for children being unjustly held back from success due to structural racism, socio-economic barriers, or other systemic injustices in their community
  • We are calling for $185,000 in ongoing investments
  • Many children are cared for by family members, friends, or neighbors (FFNs). Facilitated, evidenced-based play and learn groups provide quality early learning opportunities to thousands of children in FFN care who are not enrolled in formal early learning programs either by family choice, or lack of access, or affordability barriers. Increasing access to play and learn groups can help move Washington closer to its goal to have 90% of children ready for kindergarten when they enter, and support the needs of families and caregivers.
  • To learn more about our multi-year strategy to connect families with expanded Play and Learn Groups in their communities, click here.
  • We care calling for $3.1 million in ongoing investments
  • Take Action! Advocate for increased Family, Friend and Neighbor support on social media (English/Spanish) or by writing to your legislators (English/Spanish).

What You Can Do

It is never too early or too late to let your legislators know you support state investment in high-quality child care and Early Achievers, and in increasing the reimbursement rates paid to providers who accept children on state subsidies/Working Connections Child Care.

Take Action!

Child Care Aware of Washington provides thorough and independent information for effective policy making.

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