April 21, 2021

Child Care Aware of Washington Statement on Verdict of Derek Chauvin Trial in George Floyd’s Murder

Yesterday’s announcement of a guilty verdict on all counts in the Derek Chauvin trial for the murder of George Floyd is the culmination of a year of racial reckoning in our country.  A year filled with continued racist and, often violent, acts and events against Black people in our communities. Child Care Aware of Washington feels the impact, the call to action and the significance this trial’s verdict has for all of us and especially for the work we do.  We believe it is essential that we pull together and truly listen and learn from communities of color and particularly the Black community who are targeted and exposed by these events.

As we move forward, Child Care Aware of Washington (CCA of WA) commits to find ways we can support and take action to address the impacts of racism with Washington’s children.  We are committed to work with today’s young children and those who care for them to create spaces where children and their caregivers feel safe and their identities are fully embraced and celebrated. CCA of WA will provide support and coaching centered in our collective racial equity learning so that children and their caregivers have a clear understanding that racism is wrong and know how to address it.  We will take action to systematically eradicate racism in our early learning spaces.  We will do this by listening to those we serve so we understand how we can support and ensure the inclusion of the entire community during this time and always. At the core of our support is our desire and ability to build supportive relationships with families, caregivers, and child care providers who are helping children, especially children of color, navigate trauma from this racist incident, racially-driven police violence, and other racist acts. We have developed a list of resources as a start. Our goal is a world where racism is eradicated and we believe beginning with the early years will have significant impact.

While the verdict is a huge win in the moment, there is still much we need to do to address all the others who have paid the same price in the past and to ensure that justice for all becomes a reality.  Our children deserve a better tomorrow.  Today and on all days, we stand in solidarity.    

“A reminder that victory would be George Floyd being alive.  Every day Black Americans worry if they will be next is another day without justice.”  ~Amanda Gorman

August 14, 2018

Child Care Aware of Washington Releases Child Care Data for Every County in State – Child Care Capacity Recovery Uneven Across Washington

Child Care Capacity Recovery Uneven Across Washington

TACOMA, WA –Aug.14,2018–Child Care Aware of Washington’s newest data show that while statewide child care capacity is nearing pre-Great Recession levels, the recovery has not been even across the state. Twenty of Washington’s 39 counties still have less licensed child care capacity than they did five years ago, reducing access to child care for families in many regions of the state. Of the 20 counties with lower capacity, more than half experienced double-digit declines.

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