Scholarships for Child Care Providers

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Child Care Aware of Washington Scholarships play a crucial role in elevating the quality of child care in our state. These scholarships are designed to support the professional development of early learning professionals participating in Early Achievers, as well as Early Achievers and ECEAP coaches. By providing financial assistance for education and training, these scholarships contribute to the ongoing enhancement of skills and expertise within the child care community, ultimately fostering a higher standard of care for children in Washington.

Click to see the full list of eligible academic programs as published by DCYF or Scholarship Funding Guidelines. Scholarship forms and Instructions can be found here: CCA of WA Scholarship Forms

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Bachelor’s Degree Pathways Scholarship

Meant for early learning professionals working at a Early Achievers enrolled program. Our Bachelor’s Degree Pathways Scholarships are contract based for 12 months, and include BA completion, DTA/Pre-BA and the Montessori Credential. Learn More


Coaching Certificate Scholarship

Child Care Aware of Washington provides scholarships to Early Achievers and ECEAP coaches and lead staff for the University of Washington’s Certificate in Practice-Based Coaching program. Learn More


Pierce County Human Services Scholarship

Child Care Aware of Washington provides scholarships to current child care professionals and aspiring child care professionals who live or work in Pierce county, WA state. Learn More